3 Keys To Secure Your Retirement


Have total confidence in your financial
future and never have to think again

You’ve worked hard your whole life and have been disciplined. You’ve done a good at making and saving money, but you’re at a loss as to how to convert that into a secure retirement.
There’s so much conflicting information out there, from books that all claim to have the best strategy, to internet searches that lead you down never-ending rabbit holes of financial confusion, to even your own bookkeeper and CPA sharing conflicting advice on what you should do with your money. It’s so frustrating!

Randon Stancil and Murs Tariq

We’re Radon Stancil and Murs Tariq, and at Peace of Mind Wealth Management we are dedicated to guiding you through knowing what questions to ask and what information to gather in order to feel 100% confident about your retirement plan.
We saw so many people trying to enter retirement with only one piece of the puzzle, set up for failure. From our 30+ years’ combined experience we’ve seen that successful retirement takes a holistic approach that we share in this training and teach our clients.

You’re close to or in retirement, and you know if you don’t take the right steps at this point, you risk things such as…

Having another 2008 and not having enough time to financially recover before retirement Making it to retirement and then finding out you aren’t nearly as prepared as you thought you were. You then have to make major changes and reductions in the lifestyle you were so excited to live. Working with a financial advisor who doesn’t respect you enough to listen, fully address your concerns and actively manage your account on a daily basis. Wasting energy wondering and worrying about whether your hard-earned money is being effectively managed, rather than focusing on what matters most in retirement such as enjoying time with your family and experiencing new things.


In this complimentary training you’re going to learn the 3 Keys to Securing Your Retirement, as well as discover things like:
  • How to create a Lifetime Retirement Income plan
  • The Retirement Portfolio Myth
  • And more
You’ll also receive our downloadable Peace of Mind Action Checklist, which will tell you exactly what you need to know to build your Retirement Income Plan.

After attending this FREE training, you will:

“Be clear on exactly what information you need in order to know if you’re well-prepared for retirement Know how to have complete confidence in your retirement plan and be well-prepared for anything, even another 2008 Learn how to avoid unrecoverable mistakes that set you back in your retirement goals.”

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“You don’t know how appreciative we are for your services and we are so glad we chose Peace of Mind Wealth for our investments.  Glad to be a part of your family.” 
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“We have been so comfortable that our portfolio is in good hands. Both of you and your support staff have done a great job!”
“Thank you for all your help! You made this process of handling the loss of my spouse so much less stressful.”
– BH
“Your frequent video updates are welcomed and appreciated. Radon and Murs you have done an exemplary job of keeping us so informed. Thank you very much!”
– HG
“We are very grateful that we found you several years ago, and have been so pleased with the services and advice you have provided. Thank you for your input especially during these challenging times.”

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