May 13, 2024 Weekly Update

We do love it when someone refers a family member or friend to us.  Sometimes the question is, “How can we introduce them to you?”   Well, there are multiple ways but a very easy way is to simply forward them a link to this webpage. Here are this week’s items:

Portfolio Update:  Murs and I have recorded our portfolio update for May 13, 2024

Aging Gracefully at Home in Retirement

Radon and Murs speak with Lynne Moore about the concept of aging in place, comparing it to continuous care retirement communities (CCRCs). Lynn has an extensive background in geriatrics and now works with ThriveMore, an organization specializing in helping people age in place.  

Aging Gracefully at Home in Retirement

On the Secure Your Retirement podcast, we have a great episode on Aging Gracefully at home with Lynne Moore. Lynne works at ThriveMore, where she uses her skills as a geriatric nurse and as a former director of a nursing home to help people in long-term care facilities…