Ep. 07 – Wine Down – A Round Table Discussion About All Topics Retirement

Our first ever Wine Down Show! 

Once a month, rather than interview one person, we will be sitting down with several guests to hear multiple topics and opinions from the show! Sit down with a glass of wine or preferred beverage and enjoy!

On this Episode:

  • Hear from Lauren Stancil (Radon’s wife), Renee Hillman (Real Estate Agent and previous guest), and Debbie Neal (client) as well as your hosts, Radon and Murs!
  • The group discusses the topic of wills and trusts in estate planning and how it is different for everyone.
  • The group discusses how frequently you should look into updating your plan.
  • Hear them talk about how your plan affects your children and grandchildren.
  • The group talks about downsizing and how the numbers play a role in the decision!
  • Hear the group discuss the economy and the stock market from the episode with Andrew Opdyke.
  • The group talks about the positives that have come from Covid. 

Key takeaways:

  • Stay informed as tax and trust laws change as the government and IRS see fit.
  • Have experts in your corner.
  • A lesson from Covid has been to take the time for the most important things in life- family, friends, and health!

Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s great to have experts in your corner in all aspects.” – Renee

“You can’t look at the stock market day to day. You have to look at it over time.” – Debbie


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