Ep. 12 -Planning for Retirement – How the Process Works, Part 3

Do you need help planning your finances for long-term care?

In the third installment of the Retirement in Action mini-series, we return to our roleplay with Radon, Murs, and Morgan to help you know what to expect when financially planning your retirement.

This episode highlights how some typical retiree concerns, including long-term care planning, will be addressed in your financial retirement plan. We also discuss the process of finding the risk tolerance level that you’re happy with to manage your investment portfolio.

To listen to this mini-series from the beginning, please listen to episode eight of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, ‘Planning for Retirement – How the Process Works, Part 1’.

If you missed part two, please listen to episode ten of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, ‘Planning for Retirement – How the Process Works, Part 2’.

In this episode, find out:

  • How you can start to prepare financially for long-term care
  • Why it’s necessary to have a good estate plan
  • How to find out what your risk tolerance is
  • How to a financial planner can help you to manage risk in your investment portfolio


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