Ep. 16 – Investing During Retirement – Buy and Hold or Active Management?

Are you planning to invest during retirement?

If so, you’re probably debating whether you should choose the buy and hold investment strategy or active management. There are pros and cons to both, and in this episode of the Retirement in Action podcast, we take you through active management vs. passive management to help you make the best decision for your circumstances and your retirement plan.

We’ll also discuss investing for retirement in volatile markets, which is extremely important for anyone getting closer to retirement or already retired.

In this episode find out:

  • What the buy and hold investment strategy is and how it works
  • What active management is and how it differs to buy and hold
  • How to protect yourself from significant downturns
  • How to invest and deal with volatile markets
  • Why active management is the best investment strategy in volatile markets

Tweetable Quotes:

“When it falls, the market is like going down an elevator. Going back up is like riding an escalator – it’s a much longer process.”

“The beauty of cash is cash doesn’t move; it just moves relative to everything else.”

“Whenever the market is in demand, we will participate. When it’s not in demand, we will not participate.”

Important Links & Mentions

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