Ep. 25 – Wine Down – Roundtable Discussion on Retirement

We’re reviewing our recent podcast topics of mortgages, investments, and more, with some special guests and a glass of wine in this episode of the Wine Down Show!

We’re looking back at three recent podcast episodes, ‘How a Reverse Mortgage Helps in Retirement’, ‘Bill Sherman – Buy and Hold is Dead’, and ‘Tammi Rowe – Planning Your Mortgage and Retirement’ and getting our guests’ thoughts and answering their questions.

Joining Radon, Murs, and Morgan in this Wine Down Show are three real podcast listeners, retirees Lynn Senior, Marlene Wilson, and Cindy Jurgensen. Lynn, Marlene, and Cindy all shared some fantastic insights during our discussion, from their own experiences with finances in retirement to the things that they’ve learned from the podcast that have really surprised them!

It’s a great conversation that we can’t wait for you to hear. So, grab a glass of wine – or your favorite drink – sit back, and join us as we discuss reverse mortgages, refinancing, and more!

In this episode, find out:

  • Lynn, Marlene, and Cindy’s thoughts on reverse mortgages, and how their opinion changed
  • The potential downsides to reverse mortgages
  • Why Marlene’s buy and hold perspective changed drastically
  • Why your investing focus should be risk tolerance over age
  • When and why you should consider refinancing
  • Why Lynn, Marlene, and Cindy all refinanced and how they did it
  • Why cash flow is a priority as a retiree

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Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s more about keeping what we’ve got, once we get closer to retirement, than it is about trying to make a bigger return.”

“We’re refinancing, not only to take advantage of the lower interest rates but to increase cash flow.”

“Your view of the typical retiree is that you need to have your house paid off. But I’ve always wondered, why?”


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