Ep. 30 – Annuities – Why Ever Use Them – Part 2

Are you thinking of putting money into an annuity for your retirement?

You may have a lot of questions about how annuities work and the options available. With a range of annuities to choose from, you need to understand what they offer and how they can support your retirement plans.

In part two of our ‘Annuities – Why Ever Use Them’ series, we’re taking a closer look at retirement options, focusing specifically on deferred fix annuities. Showing you how they work and the benefits they can offer, we want to shine a light on a subject that’s often seen as overly complicated.

In this episode, find out:

  • What deferred fixed annuities are
  • The main types of deferred fixed annuities
  • How declared rate annuities work
  • How fixed index annuities work
  • How interest is credited on a fixed index annuity

Tweetable Quotes:

“You cannot lose money due to market volatility in a fixed index annuity” – Murs Tariq

“Fixed annuities mean that the insurance company guarantees my principal” – Radon Stancil

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