Ep. 33 – Wine Down – Retirement Plan Peer Review

What’s given retirees peace of mind this year?

It’s certainly been a tumultuous year. After facing so many uncertainties, we wanted to take this opportunity to find out what’s given retirees confidence and peace of mind in their retirement plans this year.

We’re delighted to share the final episode of the Wine Down Show for 2020.

The Wine Down Show is where we share perspectives from those living in or phasing into retirement, so we’re delighted to be joined by four special guests, Tom and Lorrain Bowen, and Peter and Julie Kaylid.

We invite you to listen in as we discuss topics from previous podcast episodes, including ‘Emily Smith – Continuous Care Retirement Community – What Are Your Options’‘Mark Hulbert – What it Means to Be a Contrarian’, and ‘Denise Appleby – Secure Act – Cares Act and Retirement’.

In this episode find out:

  • What to consider when looking at CCRCs and how they vary in amenities and cost
  • The potential benefits of contrarian thinking
  • What our guests have learned from the events of 2020
  • Why working with financial planners can give you peace of mind in an unpredictable time

Tweetable Quotes:

“In a nutshell, CCRCs do vary quite a bit. Some have independent care and assisted living care – you have to decide what amenities you want and what’s the cost of it.” – Julie Kaylid

“If we were to invest emotionally, we’d be too close to it.” – Tom Bowen

“There really is a peace of mind in a retirement planning approach.” – Peter Kaylid


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