Ep. 4 – How Retirement Planning and Real Estate are Connected

Welcome to the weekly Retirement in Action segment of our show! Every week Radon and Murs will take an interview or topic discussed recently on the show and talk about the points that can be put into action!

Radon and Murs break down their thoughts and answer questions brought up from the interview with Real Estate agent, Renee Hillman.

On this Episode:

  • Radon and Murs talk about downsizing and when to bring in your Financial Advisor
  • Radon and Murs talk about what we all need to think about when wanting to pay off a mortgage when a bulk of our savings are in IRAs or 401ks
  • Radon and Murs talk about how they handle selling your house when you have found your dream retirement home
  • Radon and Murs give their thoughts and advice on loaning money to others

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine the purpose behind downsizing
  • Think about cash flow rather than just low mortgage interest rates
  • When loaning money, you need to be careful to plan to be financially ok if you do not get it back


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