Ep. 46 – Annuities – Why Ever Use Them – Part 6

How can an annuity income rider give you more peace of mind in retirement?

There are three main ways to guarantee income in retirement. The first is a pension, the second is Social Security, and the third is adding an income rider to an annuity.

This third option creates, in essence, a personal pension paid directly to you every month for the rest of your life.

In part five of our “Annuities – Why Ever Use Them” series, we discussed how attaching an income rider to an annuity can produce guaranteed income – if you haven’t listened to that episode, please do give it a listen.

In this episode, we continue the conversation by diving further into detail about why we recommend adding an income rider to an annuity. We also explain how the rates of return work for your account value and the income rider.

In this episode find out:

  • A quick recap of our annuities series so far
  • How to get peace of mind with more guaranteed income
  • Why you should add an income rider to your annuity
  • How rates of return work for your income rider and your annuity
  • How income riders provide guaranteed income even if your annuity account reaches zero

Tweetable Quotes:

Adding an income rider to your annuity creates your own personal, private pension” – Murs Tariq

“If you’ve got $200,000 in an annuity with an income rider, that’s going to pay you $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year, guaranteed for the rest of your life.” – Radon Stancil

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