Ep. 56 – Asset Allocation or Strongest Assets

When working with a financial planner or advisor, it’s important that you’re aligned on how you want your money invested. There are many different investment strategies and what you might be comfortable with may not be your advisor’s preference. So, how can you ensure that your money will be managed how you like?

The first step is to have a basic understanding of investment strategies. This way, you’ll know what’s more suited to your personality and how you want your investments taken care of.

In this Retirement in Action episode, we explain the differences between two investment strategies, asset allocation and strongest assets. We share the fundamentals to each, why people choose them, and how to figure out if they’re appropriate for your money management style. 

In this episode find out: 

  • Why you should find a financial advisor that suits your investment preferences
  • What an asset allocation strategy is
  • Why long-term investors prefer asset allocation
  • What not to do if you choose asset allocation
  • How to understand your risk tolerance
  • What the strongest asset strategy is
  • How to manage a strongest asset portfolio
  • Which investment style is better for active management

Tweetable Quotes:

“Asset allocation is the most common way of investing – it’s easy to do and there’s hardly any maintenance.” – Murs Tariq

“You should work with an advisor or financial planner whose personality matches yours” – Radon Stancil

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