Ep. 6 – How to Manage Investments in Any Economy

Welcome to the weekly Retirement in Action segment of our show! Every week Radon and Murs will take an interview or topic discussed recently on the show and talk about the points that can be put into action!

Radon and Murs break down their thoughts and answer questions brought up from the interview with economist, Andrew Opdyke.

On this Episode:

  • Why the economy means we manage money actively with a fluid investment plan
  • Radon and Murs compare active vs passive investment plans
  • Radon and Murs talk about managing risk in the economy
  • They discuss the different portfolio models
  • Radon and Murs define and explain equity and how it relates to retirement

Different Portfolio Models:

  • Growth portfolio- most aggressive up to 100% equities
  • 80% equities portfolio- rest in bonds
  • 60% equities portfolio- rest in bonds
  • 40% equities portfolio- rest in bonds

Tweetable Quote:

“You have to be moving as the market moves!” – Radon Stancil


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