Ep. 65 – Andrew Opdyke – The Economy After The First Quarter 2021

The markets got off to a strong start this year, but is this growth set to continue?

As the economy slowly starts to rise from the ashes of the pandemic, 2021’s forecast looks good – even despite some potential obstacles along the way. With inflation, stimulus packages, and government bills all hot topics in the media right now, we asked Andrew Opdyke to share his thoughts.

Andrew is a Certified Financial Advisor, Economist at First Trust Advisors, and a returning guest on the Secure Your Retirement podcast. Listen in as he reveals his expectations about how the markets and economy will develop over the next quarter and beyond.

In this episode find out:

  • Andrew’s thoughts on the economic and market performance of 2021 so far
  • The stimulus accelerated spending effect
  • How inflation could impact the next quarter
  • When the proposed infrastructure bill may impact the economy
  • Andrew’s expectations for 2021’s second quarter
  • Why Andrew is paying close attention to inflation and COVID-19 variants
  • Andrew’s personal and economic forecast for the rest of 2021

Tweetable Quotes:

“From an economic perspective, reopening is the best possible stimulus we could ask for.” – Andrew Opdyke

“Uncertainty is going to remain with us.” – Andrew Opdyke

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