Ep. 67 – Wine Down – Estate Planning – Long Term Care and More

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to retirement planning?

It’s fun and exciting to think about the trips you might take or the activities you’ll have lots of time to enjoy in retirement. But there are also serious sides to planning for retirement, including what happens when things don’t go to plan.

In this Wine Down episode, we open the floor to five retirees to talk about their concerns for the future. Special guests Norm and Carol Kelley, Al McCleary, and Jax and Cindy Robertson join us to share their thoughts and ask questions about long term care insurance, estate planning, and more.

Hit play to hear our answers and find out about their retiree stories so far.

In this episode, find out:

  • Answers to our guests’ questions about planning for long term care and insurance
  • Why we don’t recommend switching existing long term care insurance policies
  • How long term care insurance works alongside moving into a CCRC
  • How CCRCs make the transition between independent and assisted living seamless
  • What to consider when estate planning
  • Why you should perform annual beneficiary check-ups
  • Tips for implementing power of attorney
  • The compelling story behind today’s wine – Three Finger Jack

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you’ve got an existing long term care insurance policy with rich benefits, you don’t want to lose those.” –Radon Stancil

“Giving somebody power of attorney to change beneficiaries is a huge power.” – Radon Stancil

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