Ep. 71 – Dean Ogan – Grill Like a Chef

How good are you at grilling your steak? Because even as you’re planning for a secure retirement, a juicy steak shouldn’t miss from your table regularly. 

Whether you like your steak rare, medium-rare, or well done, we all want it juicy and delicious. But somehow when we do it at home, we either overcook it, make it too hard, or let all the juice get lost on the cutting board, right? That’s why on the show today, we invited Dean Ogan of Rocky Top Catering to shares his golden tips on how to grill a perfectly cooked and juicy steak.

Dean Ogan owns and operates Rocky Top Catering in Raleigh and has 20+ years of industry experience. He shares his tips on grilling the perfect steak and his favorite grilling recipe. He also shares how Rocky Top Catering survived the pandemic, with the hospitality industry being one of the most hit. 

In this episode, find out:

  • Dean’s on how they transitioned from a restaurant company to large-scale catering
  • Golden tips on how to grill a juicy and perfectly cooked steak 
  • Some secret ingredients and steps to Dean’s favorite grilling recipe 
  • Why Dean thinks the air frier can’t undo ‘real’ fried food
  • The types of knives you should have in your kitchen 
  • Tips on how to keep your knives rightly sharp 
  • The food distribution initiative that Rocky Top Catering adopted during the pandemic 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “That’s what’s grilling is all about; it’s all about getting a little bit of char on your meat.”– Dean 
  • “Don’t be afraid to use a meat thermometer; having a really good meat thermometer in your utensil drawer is really important.”– Dean
  • “You can always cook your steak more, but you can’t cook it less.”– Dean
  • “Knives are tools and you need different tools for different applications.”– Dean 

Important Links & Mentions:

Rocky Top Catering Website  


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