Ep. 82 – How To Have A Successful Retirement Plan

Have you thought of how you can have a successful retirement plan? We usually talk about how to secure your retirement but how do you do that successfully?

There are four components of having a successful retirement plan with the foundational one being a good financial plan. You want to have peace of mind at the end of the day knowing that your future is not only secured, but also successfully so.

In this episode of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, we cover the four components of a successful retirement plan. We also cover the importance of having goals and how to build a retirement plan that meets those goals. 

In this episode, find out:

  • The four components of having a successful retirement plan.
  • Having a good retirement financial plan as the foundation of a successful retirement plan.
  • How to have and understand goals and have a plan that meets those goals.
  • Keep all your accumulated assets in one place and see how they’ll work for you in retirement. 
  • How to structure your income in three parts that will work for you.
  • How to holistically view when you should take your social security.
  • Think of the what-ifs and how to plan them beforehand. 
  • The importance of having a risk-managed portfolio.
  • Why you need a good tax strategy when it comes to assets. 
  • How to approach estate planning for your beneficiaries. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “A good investment strategy with risk management is extremely important.”– Radon Stancil  
  • “You’ve got to understand individual goals to create a plan that’s going to meet those goals.”– Murs Tariq


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