Ep. 83 – Uwe Dockhorn – Liberating Your Life for Retirement

Do you want to live in abundance in all areas of your life without constantly doubting yourself? Have you given thought to how you can liberate your retirement?

To achieve liberation in your retirement or retirement planning, you have to let go and let in. You have to create your map of reality so that you’ll go from dependent land to independent land. To become independent, you will have to change your old map of reality to become a better partner at home and a better leader in your business. 

In this episode of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, we invited Uwe Dockhorn to talk about his AIM-System. Uwe, or The Lifestyle Liberator, helps professionals get back their family mojo, double their financial security, and live in abundance in all areas of their life. 

In this episode, find out:

  • Get to know Uwe Dockhorn and how he supports professionals 
  • Learning how to let go and let in what will help you do things differently 
  • Activation, Implementation, Manifestation- the AIM-System and its three foundational principles 
  • How to create your map of reality to go from dependency to independence 
  • Practice letting go and letting in to change your old map of reality and become a better partner and leader 
  • Uwe shares more resources that you can learn from his webinars
  • Signs of burnout and why mindset techniques don’t necessarily deal with it 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “To achieve a respectable relationship, you need to stop your own dependencies first in order to get into your independence.”
  • “The moment you allow yourself to be open for letting in, you become part of your solution.”
  • “The core of burnout is in self-created beliefs and patterns.”

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