Secure Your Retirement – Introducing Our New Book

We’ve been running this podcast for a while now, and now that we’ve hit episode 98, we have something exciting to share with you: Secure Your Retirement – our book (check it out here on Amazon). This episode is going to cover a very high level of our book so that you know what it’s all about and whether it might be a good resource if you’re trying to secure your retirement.

Who is Secure Your Retirement: Achieving Peace of Mind for Your Financial Future For?

We’ve really tried to make this book as informational as we possibly could. While everyone can benefit from the information we provide, it’s really the perfect choice if you fit into the following categories:

  • 10 or so years from retirement
  • Already in retirement
  • Know someone in the categories above

The book contains the foundational information that you really need for retirement planning. Let’s look at what we’ve included in our book to help you retire confidently.

How We’ve Broken Down the Book

If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while now or are an avid reader of our blog, you know that we’re financial advisors, but we’re also educators. We’re trying to educate people about retirement as much as possible because the earlier you start thinking about retirement, the better you can plan out your retirement.

Each chapter is filled with information that we think is vital to retiring, starting with:

  • Chapter 1: We start our book with something everyone needs to think about: investing. This chapter discusses active management options instead of just a buy and hold strategy. Markets fluctuate, and this chapter explains how to navigate active investing and prevent potential market losses.
  • Chapter 2: An important chapter that talks about lifetime income. This chapter helps you understand lifetime income. Income is broken down into essential needs, wants and giveaway money. This chapter enables you to understand what you need to think about to retire securely in terms of income. This is where you’ll find out about a financial retirement plan and a lot of what-if questions you’ll deal with before and during retirement.
  • Chapter 3,4,5: A few chapters weave perfectly together, starting with Chapter 3, where we discuss tax reduction strategies, Chapter 4 required minimum distributions and Chapter 5 is about IRAs. These chapters cover a lot of the strategies and questions that we receive. You’ll learn about IRA conversions, the Secure Act, reducing your tax burden and so much more.
  • Chapter 8: An important chapter that revolves around risk tolerance. This is a vital chapter for anyone who is investing money and wants to invest with minimal risks. For example, let’s say that you have $1 million in investments and want to be a conservative investor with a risk tolerance of 10% or less. We run you through scenarios to better understand risks that you can expect so that you better understand your risk threshold. 
  • Final Chapter: A guide to finding a financial adviser that you can actually trust. We cover everything from how advisors are paid to what documents to request and the fine points of choosing an advisor that’s right for you.

Of course, we skipped over a few chapters that we filled with top-notch financial information that can help you better plan out your retirement.

Wrapping Up

We’re going to be honest: there’s no concrete way to manage money. You’ll find a lot of strategies and plans that work. But what we’ve done over decades in the field is build a methodology that allows for a decent rate of return, minimizes risks and helps people get on track to secure their retirement.

Inside of the book, you’ll find the answers to common questions we receive, be able to look through tables and graphs.

Active management, which you’ll learn about in chapter 1, starts with the basis of our method and walks you through how we help others reach their retirement goals.

Every chapter is an easy read – it’s a book anyone can understand – and filled with our methodologies on retirement planning.

Are you excited to start finding peace of mind in your financial future? 

Click here to order our book Secure Your Retirement: Achieving Peace of Mind for Your Financial Future.