April 15, 2024 Weekly Update

We do love it when someone refers a family member or friend to us.  Sometimes the question is, “How can we introduce them to you?”   Well, there are multiple ways but a very easy way is to simply forward them a link to this webpage.

Here are this week’s items:

Portfolio Update:  Murs and I have recorded our portfolio update for April 15, 2024

Do You Have All Your Eggs In One Basket in Retirement?

In this Episode of the Secure Your Retirement Podcast, Radon and Murs discuss the meaning of portfolio diversification and why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. True portfolio diversification means spreading your money across multiple layers of different options. Listen in to learn about the four major strategies we use to significantly diversify investment portfolios for our clients.


Do You Have All Your Eggs In One Basket in Retirement?

Diversification is a conversation that you should have to avoid risks in retirement. You’ll hear the term of having, or not having, “all your eggs in one basket.” Clients even come to us with the idea of three financial advisors. They do not want to have all their money in one place. But what is diversification, really?…