Ep. 54 – Annuities – Portfolio Implementation – Part 8

There are two major reasons why people use an annuity as part of their retirement portfolio. First, a fixed index annuity gives you complete safety and still grows your investment at a good rate of return. Second, it generates guaranteed income. But how can you implement an annuity into your portfolio to successfully achieve both of these outcomes?

In this final installment of our “Annuities – Why Ever Use Them series, we share what you need to consider when adding an annuity to your portfolio, and illustrate how a portfolio constructed for your needs can give you peace of mind during your retirement.

In this episode find out:

  • Why you should use a fixed index annuity
  • How to implement an annuity within your portfolio
  • Why you need to understand your risk tolerance
  • How to construct a portfolio that suits you

Tweetable Quotes:

“Inflation is a real thing, and we have to plan for that.” ­– Murs Tariq

“An annuity can be part of an overall retirement income plan that gives you very good liquidity, safety, and income.” ­– Radon Stancil

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