September 12, 2022 Weekly Update

We do love it when someone refers a family member or friend to us.  Sometimes the question is, “How can we introduce them to you?”   Well, there are multiple ways but a very easy way is to simply forward them a link to this webpage.

Here are this week’s items:

Portfolio Update:  Murs and I have recorded our portfolio update for September 12, 2022 

This Weeks Podcast – Beneficiary Designations – What You Need to Know

Have you been wondering whether to do a beneficiary and how to do it? There are different accounts that require you to have beneficiaries, including your retirement accounts.

A beneficiary is a person you assign while you’re living to receive the benefits of your accounts after you pass.


This Weeks Blog -Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary designations are so important. You’ve set up accounts for estate and retirement planning, paid your dues, and you want to be sure that the right person is left these accounts. Sometimes, you might not even know about designations for certain accounts, so this is an article that we think can help a lot of you that trust in our Secure Your Retirement podcast.